Pink Icing

Friday, December 30, 2005

The boy's first Christmas

Connor certainly enjoyed Christmas Day. He didn't seem to be still for a moment. He has the most wonderful temperament.

Auntie CJ got to have lots of cuddles on Boxing Day as well.

Apparently I tell Nat and Alex what to do. Me? Never! Okay so I may be a tiny weeny bit like Endora on Bewitched but in my defence, isn't that what Grandparents do? You know, offer great pearls of wisdom.....that they simply must do. Oh alright I'll lay off. Well I'll try, really I will.

As a start I managed to call Alex, Alex, all day long on Christmas Day. Not an Aled, Alistair, Anton, Andrew, Alf in sight..................

I know I'm biased but isn't young Connor simply adorable??????? Not yet 2 months old and already has everyone wrapped round his little finger.

Comfort zones

2006 is almost upon us and I am so happy that my journey is almost upon me.

In a couple of weeks I shall leave the comfort of this house and stay with friends until I leave for my trip. Not sure how I will cope with having 'no fixed abode' until that time. The intention is to keep working, save a bit of money and prepare myself for roughing it.

Oh good grief, me, roughing it. I am indeed panicked. No designer shoes and handbags. No lotions and potions. No duck and down pillows. No bone china cup and saucer. No Sky television. Absolutely no material comforts.

More importantly, no privacy. That, more than anything else, will be the thing that I will miss most.

I am about to leave my comfort zone well and truly behind

Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Yes yes, I know. I am extremely aware of all the spelling and grammar mistakes on the web site. Yes yes, it's extremely frustrating to me as well.


Apparently the chaps who did the web site have lost the password or something and that means that no one can get into the bloody thing to make the alterations and updates.


Will get something organised in the New Year..........definitely

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Eve

Twas the night before Christmas.......

Mince pies, Smoked salmon and pink Champagne.....just the stuff to get me in the Festive mood to wrap the presents.

To all my friends, I apologise for not posting your cards, they're still in my handbag, somewht weathered. (A handbag?!!) Bit crap of me actually! Will send a New Year card with the old Round Robin letter.

Still have this mutant cold virus, lingering on and bloody on. Well just the throat thing still. At least Connor has the same strain as me so presumably his antibodies that are protecting him will work on my cold as well. Gawd do let's hope so.

So to one and all, have a very merry Christmas xxx

Friday, December 23, 2005

Burt Lancaster

What a man............

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Builders bum

Isn't the Festive Season jolly? Don't you just love it?

Me, I just love the way my melting pot of builders are happy and more flirty than normal..........

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Queue jumpers

Discovered a way to queue jump.

Stand in the queue with track suit bottoms over pyjamas as long as pj's are exposed, unbrushed bed hair and cough a few times. Making sure you put your hand up to your mouth. Then put sole intended purchase of Lemsip on floor and blow nose in an attempt to capture fleeing fluids. Watch the people dive out of the way with sudden realisations of additional forgotton purchases.

Do you know it works really really well if you are standing behind a woman wearing a polo neck...........

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Turtle necks

I hate them, they look absurd. I don't want one for Christmas now or ever.

Why do small breasted women wear them without an uplift bra, makes 'em look so scrawny.

And then you have big breasted women like me who simply shouldn't wear anything tight. In fact big breasted or big women just shouldn't wear jumpers at all, well certainly not without shoulder pads and definitely NOT cheap wool or acrylic.

And then you have men with man boobs, big bellies and wobbly jowls......eeeeiow

I've always thought that turtle or polo necks are worn by repressed types and I've seen nothing to make me feel otherwise.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Dear Santa

Dear Father Christmas

I have been a goodish girl this year and would hope that you can find it in your enormous sack to deliver a few little goodies to lil ole me. My fireplace will be clear and the candles won't be alight so please do drop by as I will be leaving a glass of full fat organic milk and a couple of mince pies (Fortnums naturally) for you to build your energy up til the next chimney. Kindly offer the organic peeled carrots to your reindeer as I worry about their task all on one night. I shall leave a bowl of still San Pellegrino in a china bowl on the patio where it may be more suitable to pull up the sleigh. I have noticed that the roof isn't as it was and it may be prudent to simply use the back door. I shall leave a key under the birdbath. It has proved somewhat difficult of late so please do ring the doorbell for access, I shan't mind.

In case you were wondering what to leave for me may I suggest any or all of the following:
A full bike licence
A little something from Tiffany's
A pair of jeans that fit and look okay
Puccini or Wagner opera tickets
A sparkly ring
Black hold ups with a very detailed lace top
A weekend break
Pink champagne
Cadbury's milk chocolate
Fortnums champagne truffles
An historical novel
A pair flat black boots
A lilac turtle neck sweater
A red Chanel lipstick
A single white rose on the last Thursday of every month
An ink pen
A Harley Davidson

oh yeah peace, love to mankind.......


Bloggers r us

Being sooooo bored with being ill I've been trawling Blogs at random......Oh my God, what a lot of lonely people there are out there. And.... what a lot of unfullfilled Americans. Isn't it the land of opportunity? Something about the Founding Fathers.....

Realise your dreams you lot, they're there, you just have to DO IT

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Chicken soup for workers

Well hello there, been a while eh?

Christmas is almost upon us and a very horrid cold, sore throat is well and truely upon me. Today I'm popping Aspirin and Lemsips snuggled under the duvet.

Family have been a visiting, not really me you understand, Connor Lucian David is the man of the moment. Baby Connor is simply divine and I love my role of Nanna so much.

How can people enjoy watching daytime tv? And why aren't the films I'd like to watch only on when I'm at work?

Chicken soup time