Pink Icing

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Winter is banished

Managed to fit a quick half an hour at my local Womens Institute (WI)Country Market on Friday. Now for those of you who have been around for some time you will remember my tales of joy, woe and embarrassment at many a WI Country Market

So there I was, once again, queuing in a small foyer awaiting the call for 'Open Sesame'

We could no longer queue as we were all muddled up into the small foyer as we tried to squeeze in. Oh disaster!

You know how the British like to queue....

This was clearly causing some concern to many of the 80+'s.

'Oooh you were before me'

'Yes, but she was before me'

'she' was ignoring all and edging ever so slowly to the door that held all manner of delights behind....

'Doreen is usually here by now'

A couple of eyes looked at me

'You were before him'

'him' remained still against the wall reading a paper

'Ah yes, I believe I'm third in line'

All eyes looked at me


Clearly I was supposed to be last in.....

I smiled resignedly

The door opened to Eden

I held back to let them all in

I queued at the Farm table for a free range chicken.

There were none left

'Oh that's a shame my dear'

'Yesss, it issss' Teeth gritted so much my teeth hurt....

I had forgotton that it is alright to muscle my way in

No flowers on the plant table. Too early in the year. I spied a willow twig and leaf display. It looked a tad whacky and amusing but not in a trendy way. I thought it would be perfect on my coffee trunk, I could look at it and smile remembering how quirky we Brits are at times.

'That's very nice, I can just see it in my living room, how much is it?'

'I'll have it!'

Good grief, rude lady...

The Jolly Rotund Lady (JRL) behind the table looked anxious.

I smiled

'No please, this lady's greed, sorry, need, is greater than mine...'

I turned and went to queue in the tea and coffee queue...

Sitting down with a cup of tea and a custard cream biscuit, a hulaballoo at the Plant Table garnered my interest

It appeared that the Whacky Display was lifted up and fell apart as Rude Lady was taking it from JRL. Rude Lady's raised voice of unreason could be heard around the hall.

JRL looked extremely anxious

JRL's co worker loudly chastised her

A crowd besieged the normally quiet Flower Table

Being British and of a certain age of course they couldn't simply stand about watching. They had to pretend to be interested in the disasterous displays and proffered sums of money for items they wouldn't normally put on a kitchen or coffee table......

I chuckled and finished my tea then passed the melee and wandered back to my house....emptyhanded

Winter has gone and I look forward to a summer of Country Markets, Fairs and Village Days.....

Thursday, April 24, 2008

yabba dabba doo

It's almost here......

Another birthday....

No parties. No excitement

Am I ready??

All work and no fun makes Pink Icing a very dull girl.....

next Thursday I shall wake up as usual, make a big cup of tea as usual and be....

....too old for ....

actually I won't be too old for anything.

Just older skin. Older hair. Older eyesight. Older hearing

Ah and not forgetting an older bank account.....

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Nano of thought

phew those few days flew by.......

Busy completing project for milestone of strategy for big boss. Delivery Tuesday.


Bought a new car

Not flash

Very very basic

No money

Bonus never materialised.....

Want to take up fencing

Think it's the drama and grace.....

Epee here I come.......

Drat, home swashbuckling movies are no more!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

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You know, this is kinda what my head feels like right now..............

be back tomorrow when it all starts to fit into place.....

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

This little piggy went to market

You know how peculiar and unique life is. (statement not a question!) Well last weekend I found many reasons to feel very grateful for my lot.

Thursday early evening I had spent some time on business in the village I used to live in. Once I'd wrapped up matters I took a journey down memory lane and drove passed my old house. Oh it looked exactly the same. 6 years had flown by and it is on it's second owner after me. I parked the car and strode up to the front door of my ex neighbour.

I knocked

I waited

Brian answered

He remembered me

6 years isn't that long but he is a retired gent who has diabetes and I didn't know what to expect. Would he be dead, widowed, moved or mad??

He was happy to see me


Ushered in I was confronted with Yvonne

Captured in the narrow hallway with Brian behind me, Yvonne was trying to plant a fat smacker on my face, far too close to my mouth

I have to tell you I don't kiss people I don't have sex with unless they are close to me, very attractive, healthy or rich. Or I'm drunk!

Yvonne is none of the above......

Air kissing IS much more acceptable

After negotiating myself out of the entanglement we spent a very pleasant 40mins and I was on my way. Addresses and phone numbers exchanged. I wanted to let them know I still cared

That same day I made contact with another lost contact. Barbara C. A senior citizen. Having dropped a card off at her house she called me at the weekend. Barbara C lives on her own and was a very talanted actress and director. She and I worked together many years ago and she was of great inspiration.

Barbara C has had a stroke.

I cried. I cried for everything that was. I cried for everything I had wasted.

Barbara C survives and is coping with the aftermath. We will meet up this weekend. She is amazing.

Then I had the pleasure of being invited to supper with Martin and CJ. They know all sorts of things about me and still let me in their house!! Can't be bad eh?

CJ's youngest called round.

As grown up kids do when they move away, Nick needed to be fed, pick Mum's brains and tell everyone about his Adorable Girlfriend.

Nick is still learning about the intracies of female logic........

When Nick came in to give me a hug I panicked. He is a giant!

No really

Nick must be 8ft 4ins..............well okay, maybe 6ft 3' (CJ any help here??)

I stood on the sofa and tried a 'come over here you' in a Mummsy sort of manner.

Sadly even with me standing on the sofa to hug him Nick still stood taller than me.........

yee Gads......I AM a dwarf....!!

Supper was scrummy. Was it really really Weight Watchers you two???? I feel so relaxed with Martin and CJ, it's so calming and safe. They just 'get me'. And they don't seem to be alarmed or phased by any area of my life.

I love 'em totally.....

I managed to squeeze in some time with Darling Daughter and The Boy. He truly lights up my life.

Carol (sister of extended family) has now been diagnosed with a form of Parkinsons and is in a wheelcar and unable to do anything for herself anymore. Walking is problematic, she needs carers 24hrs to help wash, shower her and manage her catheter bag. Her prognosis is bleak and we all watch her deterioration with frustration and tears.

I am unlikely to win the Lottery, either side of the Atlantic, but when I sit back I see that I have so very much more

How's your life???