Pink Icing

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

change in the air

Change is in the air....

I am moving..............



This will hopefully be the place I can stay in for some time.

I never 'took' to the place I am in now. It's fine. It's pleasant. It's okay

I have just never felt 'connected' to it

I felt a connection to the new place. It's much smaller. Really small in fact. It needs modernising. It needs fresh paint. It's probably got ghastly neighbours. But it just felt 'right'.

Know what I mean???

So the next month will see me frantic as I pack, donate, and sell most of my possessions.

My writing will be top of my agenda for the Winter. How cool is that??? I shall hibernate in a tiny apartment and not appear until Spring. Having rid my life of most of its stresses I shall be excited for 2009. I feel that 2010 is a big year for me in some way ( something in my water...)so all I can do to prepare will be good.

Hmmm, it occurs to me that I really can adapt, change and embrace life.

Now if I could only work out how to change my Blog...............

Monday, October 06, 2008

Global domination

I'm struggling to catch up these days and one of the things that is suffering is my Blog

Sorry guys

A week ahead of me. Things I must do:

- Give a business report to Shelagh
- Catch up with CJ who has had 2 recent ops. One on her shoulder and latest on her knee
- COMPLETE OFFICIAL FORMS AND not delay any further
- Not fret about Darling Daughter and The Boy
- FORMS FORMS FORMS......aaagh

I hate filling out forms. Where on these blinking forms can I add my personal slant. No I can't. I hate that we have stopped talking to each other. I am human NOT a process.

I feel like we are on the brink of revolution.

If I want to pay a utility bill I have to conform to their process. I remember having an Electricity Board shop in our town and it was fitted out with an array of cookers, fires, fridges and the like all for purchase and at the back were 2 friendly people who would take your money for your quarterly domestic and commercial electricity bill. You could have a chat. Not a long chat particularly. Mostly passing the time of day.

All this interaction provides a structure. A calm and stable environment by which humans thrive.

If all I can do is interact with voicemails, emails, automatic helplines, televisions, security gates, automatic processes, computers, and indeed Blogs, is it any wonder I am forgetting to think for myself!

I miss the small kindnessess of human touch.

It is universal 'dumbing down' and I will not do it

But do feel free to comment..............!!