Pink Icing

Thursday, November 29, 2007

too tired man

I have a cold

It's a mutant cold

I appear to have caught it from my Darling Grandson who has been very very poorly.

I have had to go to work all week. Meetings all day Monday, couldn't slep Monday night as nose to blocked. Fly Heathrow to Leeds Tuesday to do business once again in Ilkley........

In bed, ill...

My colleague called me Elton on Tuesday night....................

i want to be looked after!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

awash with lemons

Well diet lasted 1 full day.....

Good God I'm hopeless. I have such a strong resolve for most things in life - just not food and drink it would seem.....

Not gonna mention it again. I tried and failed. Move on!

Went out with a work colleague tonight. ate loads and sunk half a bottle of wine. Feel fabulous! Actually feel fat and bloated but not gonna talk about it, right?? I'm actually lying...well sprawled, on my bed, my very big bed and feeling quite uncomfortable and very grateful that it's just me in, or on, it.

Okay, lets have a rant!

1) I hate those flipping ridiculous 'Sat Nav' systems people fit in their cars. If they've been fitted retrospectively they light up the inside of the car like a firework and become totally distracting, and therefore dangerous. In the UK to drive your car with the interior light on is illegal so why is having a mounted flashing unit on the dashboard different?? Besides, just use a good old fashioned map. Or perhaps people can't read anymore..... DO other countries have them???

2) I'm soooooo over reality tv and celebrity reality shows. Who cares? I crave some culture!

3) Why are the good films on late at night when I want to go to sleep?

4) Why does it take so long for my hair and nails to grow?

5) Why can't I say Happy Christmas??

6) I love my family and friends so much that want to take all their pain away

7) Will I remember I wrote this in the morning and will I remember I have to get up for work???

Sunday, November 18, 2007

rent a man

If I can face going into the wardrobe in the spare room, these are the shoes I want to wear tomorrow.

2 things might stop me;

a) It's likely to be pouring down with torrential rain and they are a lovely soft suede
b) The mice were in the wardrobe and the Rat Man doesn't come back til Thursday morning and even with disposable latex gloves I simply can't face going into places that have yet to be reclaimed.


praps I could rent one .......

Monday, November 12, 2007

Diet no more

Day 2
Breakfast:Fruit and seeds

water water water

5 trips to the toilet....

lunch: soup, nuts and fruit

water water water

6 trips to the toilet.....

Dinner: salad, fish crumble and strawberries on a meringue nest with whipped cream.....AAAAAAAAARRRGGGGHHH

I was at a sponsorship night and failed miserably! Ah but I didn't drink any alcohol so that surely counts??! As head honcho I had to visibly partake in all we were offering our guests otherwise it'd be very rude right??

Actually by dessert I was so cheesed off with 'failing' that I wasn't feeling in...well let's just say I was a tad pipped off.

Moving around the dining table I 'worked' the guests, giving them all individual attention, telling them all about what their fabulous hosts and sponsors did and then settled to talk to a couple of GP's (doctors in general practice)


Lady Doctor was seated at the end (or head, depending on your interpretation) of the table with her husband, Man Doctor. Man Doctor was quite pleasant, sitting upright and eating his supper and drinking his wine. Lady Doctor on the other hand had her right elbow on the table and her head slumped into the palm of her hand whilst poking her food with a fork held with the thumb and forefinger of her left hand.

'so, how do you make it work'Lady Doctor snarled at me

'what in particular' I am confused

Lady Doctor flings her fork across her plate

'the restaurant'

Lady Doctor refills her wine glass

'well we have considerable years in managing developments all over the country and...

'you are all the same, what makes you think you lot can do it, so many businesses fail you know'

'I'm very proud that we've been doing very well for many years'

'yeah? Well what's the catch my dear'

Lady Doctor continues to guzzle her wine

Man Doctor simply carries on eating without any emotion

'I don't think there is one,and we are very fortunate to ha...'

'silly woman, there's always a catch'

Lady Doctor refills her wine glass yet again...

'I'm not sure that our customers would necessarily agree with th......'

The other guests are looking up

'Bollocks! You're all crap. There is always a catch'

Oh dear

Lady Doctor picks up the wine bottle once again.

Man Doctor keeps his head down finishing his strawberry meringue

I leap up

'Absolutely and the catch is.... no more wine'

I take the bottle from a startled Lady Doctor and suggest that she moves into the bar if she's unhappy with us, her sponsors.

Before she can speak, and before the party of guests, I jump up, pull her seat and lift her out as I say;

'No please, please. Don't let me keep you here if you feel uncomfortable about taking our hospitality'

'But I don....'

'No I insist'

I lead a startled Lady Doctor into the bar and deposited her with the manager.

Man Doctor rose, thanked me for the hospitality and led Lady Doctor out of the building............

Me? Well I couldn't WAIT for Day 3..............

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Skinny Minnie

Oh good grief. I have to sadly report I am as big as a house.....

I say sadly as I don't really want to be this big. Now I have never been a size zero, wouldn't want to be, but I have been a comfortable UK size 12 for my twenties and thirties. I have always been proud of my curves; boobs (natural!) and hips. Somewhere along the line I aged and put on weight. I didn't really pay attention. It just kind of happened without any blasted effort.

I could go on and on about the problems, excuses, reasons whatever they are. The fact is I am considerably more than a size 12.

How can I break the vicious circle?

I never diet, it is a torture that I never wish to put myself through. I love food, treats and naughty things. I did however manage a day of Detox Diet today. Lots and lots of water. Spent most of the day in the toilet as the water ran freely through my system. I got up 3 times in my meeting this afternoon!

It's almost the advent of the Christmas Party season and I can't bear hanging out with the 'London crowd' looking like this. Lil Sis once said to that people remember a smile more than anything else.......

Okay so managed day one, would like to get to day 14 so let's see how I go. Drat, it's going to be even more difficult with the business trips.

wish me luck .........

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Year by year

What a difference a year makes....

This time last year I had just enjoyed a week in the UK celebrating The Boy's first birthday and heading back to the USA with a horrid cold.

We celebrated The Boy's second birthday on Saturday, en famile. I went over early and armed with a mug of tea, sat down and watched as The Boy opened his presents.

One by one

That is, open one, proclaim 'wow', and play with birthday toy for ages before being interested in opening another one.

Hmmm, are we really related????

Having spent all day, and I do mean all day, opening presents we (Father of The Boy, Darling Daughter and The Boy)all took off in my car to see a show. Brum. A car that saves the day from naughty robbers and the like.

It was truly apalling and I was quite grateful that The Boy wanted to leave just before the interval.....

We headed off to the park. Which was truly wonderful! It had a fantastic playground area with so many activities I ran around like a loopy kid myself. The Boy never seems to mind what I do. He laughs at me often......

Quite a gaggle of early teens came into the play area and let their hair down. I'd forgotton how self conscious that age group really are! I sat on a bench and watched my Darling Daughter and The Boy running around, laughing and trying every swing, frame etc in sight. I watched the Teens. What did they call them in West Side Story? The Jets. Forgotten the others. There they were, in hormonal hell and fighting for every second of their growing independance.

I sat contented and happy on the bench as dusk came upon us

'Watch the fucking slag, she's fucking trouble, fucking hell, fucking bitch'

My God what on earth was that??

I had promised DD that I would get on with Father of The Boy all day, and he with me. Did reprimanding 40 youths count???

I decided it did and wandered over to a steaming DD and scooted the family out of the park. I say steaming as she was livid with the growing troublesome element and I reminded her that we were all 'happy happy' today. She smiled and we ran to the car. Well not counting the brief visit DD needed to make inside a group of dense shrubbery to wee.....

Back at home we continued with the opening of presents and had a small celebratory high tea. Finally, with a few presents still unopened, The Boy agreed without hesitation to go to bed when DD asked if he was ready.

DD and I sat down to watch the latest Harry Potter film with tea (too tired for the pink champagne I'd bought for this very occasion) and cake. Father of The Boy curled up on an armchair playing with his DS. At least I think that it's called that, it's the brain game thing. The one that Tom Cruise's ex Aussie wife advertises on UK tele.

And now today I am busily avoiding the housework and remembering last year when I got on a plane, Miami bound..............