Pink Icing

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A word of thanks

I recently revisited a couple of Blogs that I read a lot when I first started Blogging. Being a Newbie I was in awe of their sophistication and the hoards of followers and comments.

I've popped by from time to time and have been fascinated at their journey. I have come to form an opinion of these two, and that was a surprise. Their journey has travelled them in many unplanned directions.

And so has mine

If anyone who drops by this Blog now and dropped by when I started, what must they think???

Thank you for reading. It means a lot to me XX

Monday, June 23, 2008

nothing really

I'm not a happy bunny still - work is completely crap and I hate, really really hate, working with gaggles of bitchy women.

On a better note I spent much of the weekend with good friends. It was indeed lovely to spend the time with them. Went to a party on Saturday night with Em and Bev. I didn't drink a drop of alcohol but imbibed a bottle of elderflower fizzy water and ate 2 Orieo cookies, 1 iced party ring biscuit, small side plate of chilli and 5 baby potatoes and 3 mini tomatoes. I got to bed at 2.45am but I had a clear head the next day, had enjoyed myself and was unfuzzy having brunch with Karen L on Sunday.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a wee alcohol sherbert as much as the next person, I just feel too vunerable with this thumb that still feels a tad alien........

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Princess pauper

Am I the only one (well apart from Auntie Elona) who thinks spending multi millions of British pounds - or dollars, yen, etc - on a wedding is obscene??

I am no different from many women who would love to have a fabulous wedding do. But just because you want it, can buy it, doesn't make it morally right.

Before we hit celebrity obsession we mere mortals had no real idea of the vast monies the elite actually spent on events like weddings. Better that way.

Now most people want, and more worryingly think it's acceptable, to have gaudy displays of obscene disposable wealth on view for all.

It's wrong, on every level

Sunday, June 08, 2008

The big one

Recycling is paramount if we are to give us a few extra years on this planet.

So I've decided, once again, to embrace recycling fully

I am going to recycle myself!!

Watch out all you lot out there......I'm coming to getcha.......

The Brady Bunch

Blimey Sunday evening already.......

Been fabulous weather this weekend. Did nothing but laze around, catch up with a few friends and now settle into this evening with a bottle of Lucozade (don't know US version) and the television.

Darling Daughter and The Boy have been away for a couple of weeks, this has led Father of The Boy into a rage as he believes Darling Daughter has a boyfriend. He had turned up extremely agitated at my place early this morning. He is ranting, raving and threatening Darling Daughter and things are at boiling point. I am old and ugly enough to know that they have to deal with the emotions before it can all work out. I just wish Father of The Boy could not get so extreme. Had Old Father of Father of The Boy call me and give me an earful as well. Basically telling me I wasn't a good Mom and interfered, my daughter was irresponsible blah blah blah........

Darling Daughter has decided to remain with her friends for the time being

By 11am I was quite fed up!

I called my Mum. I miss her loads and contempated jumping in the new tiny weeny car and driving the 5 hours to get to her house.

And not come back...............

Oh joy, work tomorrow and a week of bitchy women.

Is all this really worth it???

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

missing you already

So, went to work Monday...... By 12.30 I was ready to sleep under my desk and my thumb was really painful. I left just after 1pm, my wonderful Mom picked me up and dispatched me off to bed with a light wholesome lunch to follow my nap.

I love my Mum

She goes home tomorrow.........

Reality hit me at work. It's a bitchy chaotic mess. I dont like it.

Okay went to physio lady on Tuesday. Think her name is Georgia, or Georgina, or even Jo. Must confirm that as I want to get her a box of chocolates or something to thank her.

Suddenly in my tired old brain that sounds absurd, thanking a person who causes me pain...!!!

Anyway. GGJ shaved and stretched my weird cast to allow for some stretchy, medically smelly bandage strip to protect my thumb. Apparently my skin can breathe through it and it will stop the tender sensation I get from parts of my thumb rubbing on the cast.

GGJ upped my exercises as well. My 5 reps of touching each fingertip with a slightly bent thumb tip is going well. I now get to move my thumb out to the side a little way.

Oooooh I am really scared of this move. I'm frightened it will hurt more and it might break or snap.

It doesn't as GGJ is fabulous and knows just how to get me to do what she needs and take me through my fear barrier.

I said it felt funny. Like there was a lumpy thing in the middle of what should be soft flesh.

GGJ smiles as she often does and said calmly, but probably hysterically laughing inside her head, that it was my new tendon...............

Tonight Mom took me out for a drink and a great meal at a wonderful small pub near me. We chatted and chatted over an orange juice and a hearty meal and I tried to savour every moment of the time I had had her to myself.

I shall miss her when she isn't there when I come home from work tomorrow.....

Sunday, June 01, 2008

mini note

It's Sunday and I'm off to work tomorrow morning - just for the morning. Break myself in gently so to speak

My thumb looks alien............

I'm not so frightened of it today!

Went for a lovely long walk with Mother this afternoon. Came across a pretty hedged area with a pond and benches around it. There's some marshy bits in the posh area behind me, didn't realise it was there. The marshy bit, not the posh bit.....

There was a trodden path through longish grass.

I started to walk down

I froze. Nah. Perhaps I wasn't ready for this......