Pink Icing

Saturday, March 31, 2007

abreast of the times


I like my new job, I like my new colleagues.

and I like my new salary...........

oh and not forgetting my lovely new big office.............

Still no Internet connection. Just haven't had a chance to work out what to buy from all those on offer. So have decided to go with BT (British Telecom) and will order it on Monday, Supposed to take 5 working days but we have Easter coming up so who knows how long it'll take. I'll surprise yall soon enough.....

I had to travel on the Motorway (Interstate) to work and for 4 junctions we were all bumper to bumper mostly stationary. It was okay though cos I drifted back to Interstate 10 and it just didn't bother me.

So much to catch up on I'll be writing every night when I get the Internet again......

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Up front and personal

So, dear all, much time has passed since I last logged on. I've been a very busy gal and coupled with the fact I still do not have a home Internet connection, I have been absent from Bloggerland.

I shall endeavour to be back on a regular basis shortly. Please do bear with me......

Oh yeah, I am starting a new job tomorrow. Really excited about it, hope I can do it justice.

Will tell all soon

Off to purchase some tights and a new dress to hide all the fat I have gathered since arriving back on UK shores.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Move Day, part 1

Happy St David's Day.......

Well belated!

I'm visiting Darling Daughter and just taking advantage of her whisking The Boy off to the bathroom for his evening ablutions.

The morning of Move Day wasn't quite full of excitement, more panic. UK driving licences have 2 parts; a plastic credit card thing and a paper section, presumably for any endorsements. (Actually I don't see the point of the paper section, surely all things can be recorded on the plastic thingy?) I was hiring a large vehicle to reacquire all my lovely 'stuff' from the storage facility and needed both parts of the licence, a credit card and I suppose my wits about me.

Well that task failed!

Gawd knows where I'd put my paper part of the licence and as it was Sunday, the hire company couldn't call the DVLA (Dept of Vehicles Licencing Agency) to verify my existence. Sitting in the car hire office a few days before Move Day the words were ringing in my ear;

'You are sure you have the paper section madam?'

oooh I just hate being a 'madam', when did I stop being a 'miss'......?

'err, yes, yes I have'

I'd seen it fairly recently, I'd taken it Stateside

'You ARE sure aren't you because I can call the DVLA now'

I'm not a naughty child you know!


'They won't be open on Sunday and's just....'

'No - prob - lem - Sir'

'Okay well as long as you have it'

'thank you, yesssss, I have it'

Could he see my gritted teeth do ya think??

Well there I was 8.30am Move Day. No paper section of my licence. Where WAS it. I knew I had it. I'd seen it! Oh bally hell.

I text a garbled but hopefully friendly message to CJ. Is it too early maybe?

Phew CJ texts back, they are getting ready to come over.

I confess that I can't find my paper section of my driving licence.

I suspect my text sounds panic sticken

It IS a panic, without the licence, no van, no van, no stuff, no stuff, no life..... aaaaaaaaaghhhhh....

CJ calls

CJ knows I'm in a panic without me saying a word.....

'what are you like?'

erm right now I'm not entirely sure.......

'I did have it, I did. I had it to take to the States and ......'

'Well it doesn't matter cos we'll come earlier and Martin can drive'

'But it's just that....'

'Martin can drive, what are you flapping about Missus?'

I didn't know but knew this day was not going according to plan...........