Pink Icing

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

phones 4 the Nation

okay....calm calm calm

out with anger, in with love........

Still no phone or Internet

apparently I'll get it by 1st December......yeah yeah yeah

Is that 2009 though..........

Friday, November 21, 2008

Interim msg

British Telecom .....grrrrrrrr
still no freaking landline and Internet

cut me off too early and connected me to some poor old man#s phone line. Trying to get people in India to understand what has happened, that it's their #fault', and to reconnect me urgently is, it seems, impossible

Right that's 3 letters to corporate CEO's. Not that they will care about their pondfish customers but I will publish any responses! Just have to move and get settled then I will have the time

Monday, November 10, 2008

the tooth fairy

oh yippee doo

I'm in a panic! I am running outta time to pack up and move. Grrrr

I do this in life. leave everything to the last minute

Actually I only do that if I am not scared

So that's most of the time...........

I went to the new place with a friend of mine on Saturday and we spent one hour trying to work out what furniture I would be able to fit in and where. I felt enormously relieved as I am dreading the move actually. I am making a big decision to clear the path to allow me to be in a position to have a stab at writing.

This probably also means really cheap holidays if at all..........Oooh gawd.....

Now there's a travel book. 100 countries and $50...............

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Congratulations America, you gon an got yerselves a new President, elect....

Let's just pray, and pray true to ourselves, that this 44th president will be the leader that is required on the International front.

Good luck to you America and the best of luck to the Rest Of The World

I have to say........thank everything I can that Bush is almost out. What a disaster he and his administration was

Politics is not my thing these days. Too jaded and worn out. In my teens and twenties I was passionate. In my thirties I had experienced true politics and come my forties, I had no desire to know anymore.

I vote but I know truth and that will never give me peace

I trust we will all get to know just how many people voted in the end. For years USA produced under 20% voting for the entire country. So maybe 23% this time....... Nah, only kidding! Ha, maybe 26%! Ooops ignore me, just tired from moving Darling Daughter to new home.

Be back soon xx