Pink Icing

Monday, September 22, 2008

a message for the few

I'm back!

I've been away!!

Went to Cornwall. It was glorious weather Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Just peachy!

Now I'm snuggled up in my bed and loving being back at 'my' place.....

Speak later alligator..........

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Joy of Grandparenting

Me right now
I am happy!!

I'm excited.....

I DO like being me.....

I'm also a little scared............

________________ ****** ___________________ ****** _____________

When Darling Daughter was a small 'un I'd invent many a story and spend many an afternoon clambering through woodlands looking for Peter the Pixie and his community. This fired her imagination. And help walk many a mile.....

So when I strode through Polesden Lacy yesterday with The Boy and came upon a small thatched wooden summer house with a medium size hole in the corner, it fired up my imagination and I resurrected Peter the Pixie.

'Ooooh look, what might live in there?'

'A mouse'


'Yes and maybe a Pixie'


'I think Peter the Pixie lives in there and he is sitting in his chair reading a book waiting for us to move away so he can come out'


we both think

'He wants to go to the shops Nannie to get some food'

Brilliant! He's getting this

A young girl, about 7 comes into the summer house. Her Mother and Grandparents stand a way back.


'What's in there'

'A mouse'

'Maybe Peter the Pixie'

They both look at me

'If we are ver very quiet we might be able to hear him. Perhaps he's making a cup of tea'

Little Girl is wide eyed

The Boy is, well......

'It's a mouse'

'And spiders'

'I think Peter the Pixie is snuggling up in his chair with his cup of tea, reading a book and waiting for his friends to call so they can go out. Perhaps they are going shopping'

Little Girl and The Boy are crouching over the hole exchanging possibilities of what will happen next.

'The Pixie lives in here'

'And the mouse'

Eventually Little Girl wanders off.

The Boy grabs his stick

The Boy pokes and prods an earth mound

'Nannie! Look it's a wiggly worm!

Little Girl gets to the end of the long straight path


The Boy looks up briefly

'Bye' as he waves with one hand

His earth mound reveals an exciting discovery

'Look! A bug Nannie'

Nannie lets out a very big sigh. Max the Mouse or Smithy the Spider perhaps.........................

Thursday, September 11, 2008

analytical hogwash

Hello all you lovely people......

I'm going through a few phases.

I survived puberty, married life and menopause phases....

The 'I'm down with the not having a job' phase is okay. The 'It doesn't matter if I get up at 10am' phase concerns me. Oh and a particular favourite, the 'Stay in your pj's til the afternoon' phase.

What I see creeping in is the 'What the *%^k am I going to do now' phase...................

Monday, September 01, 2008

Next step programme

It's done!

All finished

Legal nonsense complete, I am now officially unemployed and happy to be out of there.............

So many paths....

So little time.....