Pink Icing

Monday, December 29, 2008

Nothing at all

I have discovered that, whilst I confess to a large shoe collection that Imelda Marcos would approve of, I find myself lacking the 'right' shoes for right now.....

I have taken to requiring flattish comfortable shoes. Me. All nearly 5ft of me.

Since my operation on my thumb earlier this year I have felt unsteady on skyscrapingly high heeled shoes. And unfortunately since putting on weight many of my shoes and boots no longer fit or look right. I refuse to wear comfy Granny shoes but I am not far from waivering toward a pair of spring soled lace ups........

I have been wearing my Merrills with track suit bottoms for some time and now that the weather is cold and I have a yearning to wear a skirt again, Merrills simply aren't suitable.

So the burning question is can I actually find what I am looking for? Probably not and I will end up with a few pairs of 'almost there' shoe and boots.

Enjoy your day - I certainly will

Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Inbetweeners

Hope Christmas was fabulous for all

I'm now in that gap between Christmas and the New Year. It's kinda like limbo isn't it?! It's great this year as usually late afternoon on Boxing Day I'm thinking actively about work.

This year I'm just in limbo......

Spent 2 days with The Boy and Darling Daughter now I'm schlepping around my new place not wanting to go anywhere other than my kitchen for more cups of tea.......

Tonight I will snuggle up on the sofa with yet more tea and think about the year ahead.

Lots to do and lots to plan.....

Hope you are all enjoying Limbo and see ya'll real soon

getting into the American vernacular agin cos I'm looking at flights USA bound..........

Friday, December 12, 2008

The holidays are coming...

Christmas IS coming.....

So I'd better get out there and get some Christmas........

Some of you may know that I am not at all comfortable with calling Christmas the holiday season etc. It IS Christmas and something that we as Christians celebrate for a reason. For that I am not ashamed. Christianity is the 'religion' of my country and I am sure that people who have travelled to the UK will appreciate. I also look forward to the Chinese New Year. Yes I do understand and appreciate that there are many religions around the world that have different ceremonies they embrace. If I travelled to Egypt or India I would respect the order of the day. So please. Do not be ashamed to celebrate Christmas and stop being super sensitive to what you think others may possibly feel.

I feel it is politically INCORRECT to ignore Christmas

Off the soap box now.........
I'm sitting at my desk with a pleasant view out of the window and confirm to myself just how right this move was! I am still amongst boxes and boxes of stuff to unpack and find homes here that might not be available but it's beginning to work its magic.

I have my 2 Father Christmas' that I bought in Arizona a couple of years back on my desk, looking cheerily at me.

Eeek, why am I here again????

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Herpes simplex, 1 or is it 2......

Oh my. I have been searching for a sackcloth......

I have an affliction...

A disease....

Cold sores!

With all the stress of moving my daughter to her new big house then me to my new tiny 'house', I awoke this morning with Mount Etna erupting all over my face.

It's a biggie

A huge roaming 8 headed monster on my top lip and one enormous blob on the bottom lip.....

I look scary


I shock man and beast......

These are gonna take a long time to go away

Oh drat, no kisses under the mistletoe for me then..........sigh

Thursday, December 04, 2008

back for good


I am staying put for some considerable time. I can not face all the upheaval. This place as a base could work really well. I'd like to divide my time between this new place in the UK, the good 'ole USA and Italy, or possibly France.

Hey but look.....I have the Internet. Ooooh I was feeling quite disconnected in all ways without it.

This new place is gonna be perfect fodder for my creative juices so to speak. I could feel whole chapters reeling around my head after a 'meet and greet' on the stairs earlier.

I shall sleep most of the weekend but am looking forward to being back in the driving seat come Monday

Watch out......pinkicing is about

Monday, December 01, 2008

The final

okay, for anyone still left tuning in on the odd occasion, I now have a telephone...........but....

no blinking Broadband Internet service! Grrr

At Darling Daughter's babysitting whilst she is out with boyfriend in London to see Bill Bailey live at the Gielgud theatre. I hope she has a fab time. I had fun playing with The Boy. Oh he's so scrummy. He's now fast asleep on the sofa snuggled under a duvet. So maybe he should be in his bed but this is the first time I have looked after him in his new house and quite frankly whatever he wanted to do we did. Well within reason!!

We cooked supper and he ate more red and yellow peppers than went into the pot. We raced around, read books, played cars and giggled. And at bedtime we played duvet tents and underneath the duvet tent we played with cars, trucks and motorbikes in a salad spinner posing as The Wall of Death until he was so sleepy he wanted to sleep right there.

I love being a Nannie!!

Anyway moving tomorrow and should be finished with all ex properties by Friday afternoon. I am goining to the hairdresser (hopefully) in the afternoon and having a drink to celebrate Friday evening. Any takers......????