Pink Icing

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Official news

I realise that my posts have been very sad, pathetic and hardly a joy to read for sometime now. For that I apologise

My Blog is often my only solace against the big, bad and the ugly

I'm snuggled up in bed watching a tv show on my new television. I retired to bed just after 8pm!! That's how tired I am.

I bought myself one of these newfangled modern televisions in the sale. Digital. We all go digital in the UK soon. Well it's staggered over a couple of years. To be honest I haven't paid any attention to 'The Switchover'. I kinda figured Darling Daughter would just tell me when I needed to sort it out if I needed to....


It's official. I AM old.........

Monday, July 28, 2008

1 number

still here

didn't win the Lottery!!

didn't win myself any free time either it seems

Another 7 day working week.....

Too shattered

Must get life


Just must

Friday, July 18, 2008

positive vibes please

oh it's been lovely - I've had my friend Ali here to stay with me for a while. She actually came to work with me at the dreaded Bitchfest Arena.

She hated it

She said I should leave...

She says my unhappiness is down to a lot of what's there

She's right

She said the qualities I have are still there and I need to find a way of freeing them

She kept me sane when I worked this last week.

Thank you Ali. And thank you Roger for letting her be here!

So here I am, with the weekend ahead of me trying to work out my plan to leave; open a tea and lifestyle shop, retrain as a regression therapist and maybe a beauty therapist, buy a house for me, my daughter and grandson and write my book.

But most important of all wake up every morning without the feeling of unhappiness and dread. My physical and spiritual health is severely affected and I can not continue in this manner for much longer without serious consquences.

I'll even do the Lottery this never know...wish me luck!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

I know it's been a while.....

Been working

Up in Yorkshire. Ilkley to be exact. Beautiful place, really scenic. Makes me miss Wales.....

Usual thing though, work in one indoor place all day, drive to hotel, eat, go to bed, get up and start all over again. This is the 8th night and I'm soooo ready to go home to my bed.

All my work colleagues (and work bitches) have gone home and tonight I relished a night on my own. I decided to eat in the hotel restaurant.

Oh was that a bad idea.....

Only 2 tables. Me and a table of 4. A man, woman and 2 teenage girls.

The 2 young gawky barmen doubling up as waiters put our tables next to each other. Clearly thinking less hassle for clearing up. I wasn't too bothered as i'd already determined that I would scoff my food and go up to my room, catch a bit of television and relish a long soak in the chipped avocado green bath.....

I ate and finished my spicy melon balls with lone fanned strawberry as they were seated. They were brought their starters.

I looked around in a panic.

What on earth was that noise?

The kitchen was the other end of the room


I glanced around me as I sipped my Campari and long life orange....




Close your bloody mouths, the food will fall out

The party of 4 scoffed, slurped, squelched, chomped and talked quietly. All with open mouths.

I can take many things.

Just ask my violent ex druggie and alcoholic boyfriend Martin L. Ah yes. No. He's dead.
Could ask my violent, epileptic, anti social, gay ex husband. Mmmm, probably won't open the door to answer questions.
Guess you could try my ex partner, the one who ran off with another woman and took all the money, houses and cars leaving me homeless, penniless and not even a bicycle. Oh no, he never left a forwarding address.....

So how come this group, on their best behaviour as Mum was bringing daughters on first holiday with new boyfriend, thought eating like that was okay??

Or am I going mad??


Where did she find a slurping noisy squelching eating boyfriend that fitted in so well with her and her girls?? This is most definitely a case of 'similar interests' on the dating web site questionnaire.....

Where is that web site??

I want one!

I want a boyfriend that matches me so well

Just where does one start??????