Pink Icing

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Bike wanted

I am searching for a Kawasaki ER5, pre 2002. If you know or have seen one.....LET ME KNOW IMMEDIATELY.......

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Whiskers on kittens

Those of you that know me will be aware of the heartwrenching time I had last October when my 'babies'(the cats), Onion, Squeaky Bear and Gorgeous George were adopted. I have tried extremely hard not to put myself in too many cat friendly situations.

Well as you can see I have been sought out! 2 little ones and the Mummy seem to have adopted this garden. This little one is fluffy like Squeaky Bear is and has developed a penchant for the exact same spot!!

No don't worry I am not even speaking to the little dears, it would be so very unfair as I am moving on shortly.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Buckets and spades

Imagine this picture from your kitchen balcony every day? All seasons this would be fabulous. When the tide is out to the edge of the cliff there is a sandy beach and the water is very clear.

This is Crackington Haven, tiny place really. It was under 20ft of water a year ago just like Boscastle but didn't get the publicity. It was a very scarey time and those affected are still finishing up the devastating effects. The water flooded right through the area you can see. The tide was in so presumably that compounded the situation.

Mr Travelling Companion

While I'm uploading pictures thought you might like to see Travelling Companion.

He's still in this country at the moment, somewhere up North on the A1.

As Autumn approaches he'll be thinking about his next move to sunnier climes.

I know the picture won't open bigger!

Pretty in Pink, isn't she?

why should I be the one with old photo's?! Look what I found when searching all things Pink on the grand 'ole internet...

Roger in The Psychedelic Furs circa 1984

Did you know there is a very active fan site dedicated to The Furs?!

So, Pretty in Pink and Sister Europe are still going strong.......

''all of her lovers talk of her notes, and the flowers that they never sent''

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Role play

This Friday will see me donning a cheesecloth smock, flowing skirt and no knickers, twirling flowers to the beat of QOTSA etc at Reading Festival. Fabulous isn't it?!

I suspect Natalie will insist that I wear a tee shirt, high necked of course, and jeans with suitable undergarments and sit properly in my fold up chair. Bet she won't let me indulge in free love with gorgeous young men either..........

Isn't it peculiar how roles change? Since my beautiful daughter is expanding with her pregnancy so are her nesty Mother Earth feelings. Me, well I guess I'm regressing or maybe it really is that as the shackles have been removed I'm feeling free once again?!

So good luck with Motherhood then Nat............

Monday, August 22, 2005

Singing in the rain

Great start to the week, rain, rain and more rain. I'm fighting the need to put on a winter jumper and hide under the duvet with a light frothy novel. JUST BECAUSE I CAN......

Actually I should be reading Steinbecks, Grapes of Wrath, as recommended by a rather mischievious Internet friend, Gremlin.

But plenty of time for that; a chick lit, a Curly Wurly and a plump duvet with cotton sheets is beckoning........

Friday, August 19, 2005

You'll need a cuppa.....

Okay this might be a post that'll require a cup of tea or coffee as I have a feeling I might ramble a bit.....

Still in the ants- in- my- pants mode, I took off to Cornwall for a while. Clear the cobwebs of disappointment and all that. I guess it is the holiday month. And oh boy was it in Cornwall. I half expected the east of England to flip up with the weight of all those holidaymakers in the West. We had glorious weather for most of the time and I made the most of it. Managed to cover over a 1,300 miles which now seems hardly like a relaxing break!

Spent time with family, which is always good. Sat on the beach with my 2 stunning nieces which wasn't so good. I say this as they attract all manner of the male gender and to be lying in the middle of them feeling like a beached whale didn't do a whole lot of good for the ego believe me. The lifeguards seemed to think that they required special regular attention, apparently they are all friends. God the lines were so, erm, entertaining, but then I am, well, old! I see Travelling Companion as a perfect Lifeguard, wonder if he has been one in the past..........

Took some time out and stayed with Shelagh No Labels at Crackington Manor, the home of many old friends. Shelagh had taken her grandson away with her and we spent a couple of wonderful days on the beach. I did get a tad carried away with building sandcastles. Well actually a speedboat that was the envy of all the children and developed a very competitive spirit in many adults. Next day the sculptures that appeared all over the beach at the small cove would have equalled those at the Brighton Marina! None of which were a patch on my speedboat you understand! Me....competitive....never......

I also managed to catch up with Ali, Roger and boys who were in Cornwall to celebrate Grandads birthday. Grandma sadly managed to break her arm whilst climbing on a chair to close a window, let's all hope she's on the mend now.

I didn't get to play Scrabble with Ali, which has left me feeling like a crack head going cold turkey. Not a pretty sight at all.........

Still, Lil Sis managed to feed me all sorts of yummy scummy food that I have put ON over half a stone! No it isn't her fault, she didn't tie me up and force feed me, she simply cooks divine meals and treats that are impossible to refuse, no matter how full you feel. Forget Delia and Nigella, Lil Sis has it all............

Oh no, I guess it's back to the Cabbage Soup diet tomorrow, yuk.

Thursday, August 04, 2005


The trip must now be rescheduled as I still haven't passed my 'effing test and it no longer leaves enough time to pass the test and take 3 months on the trip before returning for Loki's arrival. With this in mind I am now going in Feb 06. Believe me it's far more disappointing for me than you........

On a positive note, it has allowed me the opportunity of revisiting the possibility of undertaking the trip in association with Charity. I am currently negotiating with an International Charity and will update you when the 'i's' are dotted and the 't's' crossed!

I would like to take a moment to tell you all about a wonderful fellow Welshman, Martin Stevens. He was a gregarious soul with what they call 'excellent communication skills'. Sadly he passed away suddenly aged 62 leaving behind a beautiful wife and family. The funeral was held this afternoon and I was happy, and not at all surprised, to see the large church packed to the rafters almost with people who wanted to celebrate his life. Martin made the most of his life and it was heartwarming to see so many people from different areas of his life come together to celebrate him.

Cheers Martin, you will be missed but not forgotton.