Pink Icing

Sunday, January 18, 2009


I must apologise to the faithful few!

I have soooo much to write but i have used all my spare time playing Scrabble online via Facebook. And I should add, time I don't have!

I'm only here now cos the server is down for a few hours at Facebook......

My addiction was swift

Big sorry guys

This might be the cold turkey I need...........

oh and Coolio to win celebrity big bro

Friday, January 09, 2009

another quickie rant

We have a new programme here in the UK. A drama. We're good at that.


It's called Demons

I was all excited cos I thought it might be the UK's answer to USA's Angel, which I have to say, I did enjoy. David Boreanez was good to look at, in a totally lascivious way. And it had comedy mixed with special effects

But. Oh dear oh dear. Demons doesn't have any of that.

Even worse is the scriptwriting is so very poor and predictable.

And the acting! Woe betide any of those actors for taking a salary and having an Equity card.

Philip Glenister's American accent is cringable. Is that his name?? He from Life on Mars fame. I thought the twist would be that he wasnt American..... Couldn't we find a real one? A real American??

Oooh and that McKenzie chap. The one from The Office. He simply can not act. Full stop.

So don't bother to watch it

now maybe I should be a scriptwriter.....or Director..........

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


okay, so I AM not always aware of minor celebs...

I do of course mean Dennis Rodman............

thank you Vanessa!!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

our 2009

It's another year and oh dear, another Celebrity Big Brother.

Gawd blimey where DO they manage to drag these people up from. Coolio? Didn't he or his agent watch Dennis Rodderick on the show?? Surely he doesn't need the money or that kind of exposure???

I was really really looking forward to watching television over the Christmas break and sadly I was left very disappointed. Come on TV companies. The premiered films had been seen by 98% of the population on satellite tv, dvd or downloaded (albeit illegally). So come on guys, how about a comedy. Can't be THAT much to make. I enjoyed watching the now ancient The Good Life episode........

Have a social and moral responsibility and end the reality shows.....pleeeeease

That aside I am looking forward to 2009, I know we have a global recession. Hey we brought it upon ourselves, instant gratification can only lead to disaster.......

2009 will provide opportunities for many of us to 'get real'. Don't miss it!