Pink Icing

Friday, June 23, 2006

Over the rainbow

Broad horizons of Adleburgh, Suffolk, UK

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The nuclear family

So tell me, is it safe?

Just in the distance on the edge of the bay is Sizewell. Is the man dead or sunbathing, couldn't tell........

The haze was probably from Sizewell, a sort of Sizewell Climate Bubble. And Mr Blair would like to add more reactor sites here because, why?.........ah yes that would be the Directorship he gets from the nuclear industry upon his retirement as Prime Minister then..........

Well done sir, well done indeed!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

pre anything

G'day mate. Sun, sea and surf, all out of the window at the moment. Well, perhaps that's a little poetic licence, there's loads and loads of sea, a blip of cloudy sun and no surfers but breaking surf on the rocks.

I'm on- line with my lap top at Lil Sis', how luxurious..........

Ohh, and ooooh, Sky tv!! It's fab. I have really really missed it, I really have. Kept thinking it was a dumbing down of Me, but hey, I managed quite well without it......

Watered Lil Sis' pot plants this morning as part of my housesitting duties. 5 minutes out there and I look like Worzel Gummidge. What's the deal with the 'sea breeze'?? Could be progress, or apathy, but I don't seem to be bothered how I look..

Okay so me and my scarecrow hair are off for a wander.

Oh bugger me, I forgot the Wedgewood, crystal and cutlery to store at the Parentals. Damn, damn, blast..........

Friday, June 16, 2006

Nothing at all

Yippee, not a Library book in sight............. At Darling Daughter's just using her pc whilst she and The Boy are partaking of an afternoon nap.

Not going to Manchester now. Did someone forget to tell me it's Father's Day on Sunday??! I get to see mine on Monday with one of his Grandaughter's in tow; Neice J.

I don't want to write about bike riding. Or about The Library. Or anything really. I am feeling consumed with lethargy to the point that I just want to rest my head on this keyboard. Great, I get a moment, or rather lots of moments to write and then can't. Story of my life.........

Just to update: Karen H is trying to trap the mange ridden fox to take to Wildlife Trust for treatment, The Boy has his first cut, Travelling Companion's Gran passed away and his best mate died in a bike accident on the same day, I missed Ali's birthday, Anne M has parted company with her Company, Anne P and I keep missing each other on the phone......sooooo tired........

Isn't The Boy growing??

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A bicycle made for two

Yep it's back in the Library once again........

On the quiet side in here and a tad muggy. The rainfall last night didn't entirely rid us of the humidity.

Off to collect my eldest Niece B shortly. Now living in London and working in fashion PR, she is returning to Surrey for an appointment with her Doctor. So Auntie Tanie can take her to the Doc, take her for lunch and then to see The Boy whom she has yet to meet in person.

Had a good weekend, lots of hard honest labour and all that. The Norwich 100 bike ride. No, no....good Lord no, I was not participating, merely assisting those that were. 100 miles of cycling in the extreme British heat was a feat to be in awe of. And believe me I was, as I toasted the valiant thousands with the odd glass of Pino Grigio at the Italian restaurant overlooking the vastly impressive Norwich Railway Station that evening.......

Norwich is, what I can only describe as, a 'satisfying city'. The architecture is formidable. Sadly though, more buildings were 'bombed' in the 60's and 70's to replace with monstrosities I hate more passionately than my desire to seduce George Clooney, than in the 1st and 2nd World Wars.

Vist Norwich, full stop
Off to assist on the Manchester to Liverpool ride next weekend. Was thinking of taking some home made Pinkicing cakes to try out on the Men in Tight Lycra Brigade, what do you think?

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Dead Sea Scroll

I'm back in the Library but have only 23mins as they close for lunch at 1pm. All 3 staff go together I suppose, tripping hand in hand down the rolling lawns leading to the river and a shady riverbank to unveil a neatly prepared picnic. How effing quaint! Goddamn it this is not Enid Blyton, is it not beyond the realms of possibility, commercialism and plain good service to stagger lunch breaks?????

At this point you could spot me slumped over my school chair with my hand dramatically tending my astounded brow........

What's this? Wales: The Shaping of a Nation by Prys Morgan and David Thomas????? Fabulous. I have now secreted this about my person and I may advise them of it's removal upon mine!!!!

Got lost in the book and now have 10 mins so not enough time to catch up. Ah well maybe later. Ooooh no, cos I'll be sitting once again on the M25 on route to Norwich where I'll be for a couple of days assisting the Men in Tight Lycra brigade.

I say once again, as Karen L and I spent a pampered and relaxing day at yesterday. I just lurrrve the Celestial Pool, full of Dead Sea. I want one. I really do. In fact I will marry anyone who is rich enough to have one installed in 'our' house! Having spent the day exhausted through being massaged, overheating on heated stone loungers, nattering and flicking through magazines, eating and winning prizes we drove 1 minute down the road and hit traffic. We played 'I Spy', danced, sang songs. Time passed and we were so chilled we didn't get wound up. It took us 3hrs to get back to Fetcham. We went straight to the pub and I, straight to the loo!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Organically grown

It's very hot and airless this Surrey afternoon, and seated in the library it's very smelly as well...... Eeeow, why don't people wash and use deodorant?? Why is the Arsehole next to me on the fucking phone??????

Anyway, yep, here I am in the Library once again, fighting for time...not to mention elbow room between Computer Stations. (Hurrumph, I am NOT a 15yr old......)

Still feeling considerably displaced but that hammer that hit me on the head the other day did offer some respite. Okay have to take the Wedgewood, crystal, silver cutlery and HATS down to the Parentals on the 20th. (Ooooo it's here now, it's finally here) Oh and I am in fine fettle to deal with Mother on the issue of my hats. I probably won't even have to tell here they're there, I'll just bury them at the back of one of Father's wardrobes and she'll never even realise till I come to collect them!

Had a lovely evening last night, went to see CJ and Martin and their new kitchen. I want visiting rights, it's fabulous! Poor Martin wasn't himself and feeling a tad poorly spent a quiet evening resting. Well that or he was pretending so he didn't have to deal with my 'oooohs' and 'ahhhhs'...... CJ cooked Chilli with salad from the Riverford Medium Box of Organic vegetables/fruit. Scrummy.

Flatmate Sarah has a Medium Riverford Organic Box every week. I met the delivery man today. We live down a cobbly road. Actually technically it's not a road at all. It has no name or number. It just IS. Well it is very cobbly, overgrown and a little spooky when dark. Anyway the Riverford Man was attempting reversing as I arrived 'home'. I stood at the top of the iron staircase (have I told you I always wanted a metal staircase to a flat that I can put pots and candles on?) waiting to see the delivered jamboree box. Flatmate Sarah had stuck an envelope on the front door and last week's empty box, collapsed, waiting for collection. With the excitement building I ripped the envelope off the door and scooped up the box to give to the Riverford Man as he reached the top of my adopted Metal Staircase.

I thought a friendly 'Hello' would be a good starting point and then I could ask him all about the wonders and correctness of purchasing Organic foodstuffs. He beamed triumphantly 'at last, I get to see the owner of these boxes'. I hesitated. Then I mumbled. Would it be fair to shatter Riverford Man's day? Before I could make the decision Riverford Man started to tell me how he'd had 2 very large coaches harass him whilst he was trying to reverse down our Non Road. (Mmmm, yes I saw them) I opened my mouth to sympathise. Riverford Man jumped in without a pause for breath. He'd started his run at 5am, he came from Horsham, he'd started in Epsom, blah blah blah......


Is this Wholefood and Organic?

I'd have offered him a glass of water (unleaded naturally!) but there is a drought.................

Monday, June 05, 2006

Hi ya'll.......

Back and back with a vengence.


No longer waiting for bike test. Fuck it. Can't have that holding me back anymore. My life has been on hold for a full year for God's sake and I can take no more. I'm booking the flight and just going. (Yes Margo I really am)

SAdly it will not be on a bike but I have to remember I am going for the journey. More on this later............

Look out America..........................