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Sunday, June 28, 2009


what with all this Facebook and Twitter I hardly find time to Blog
I have become acustomed to simply writing one liners. It's become the way of the world. Children's school essays will no doubt consist of 3 sentences shortly......

and that's mine for now....

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Is this it?

It has indeed been some time since I last posted so I'd better get you all up to date.

- Job went some time ago. Have never felt better since ridding myself of bitchy one dimensional women and inept directors, (my observations lawyers).

- Finances are grim but I have faith

- Carol, sister of extended family passed away. Carol that suffered with PSP, a form of dementia. It was a blessing that her suffering finally ended

- Day before Carol's funeral we learnt my Father has terminal stomach cancer. Linitis Plastica to be exact. This is the rarest form of cancer worldwide. It is very aggressive. USA has a decline in stomach cancer however Japan has high counts. UK has a considerable amount as well. Stomach cancer is apparently difficult to diagnose. I would disagree with that regarding my Father. Some 2 years ago if his doctor had any kind of interest or ability he would have undertaken tests to check rather than give him antidepressant tablets as he wanted to sleep a lot. My Father displayed clear symptoms I believe. Excessive tiredness, distended stomach, some weight loss to start with. I believe that the doctor did not want to spend the money to investigate with a CT scan. As it is this late diagnosis means my Father can not have any surgery and any chemotherapy is simply palliative. He has declined chemo as he wants to be well as he can be for whatever time he has left. His prognosis is a couple of months, maybe more, they simply can not say. My faith is tested and I pray that he does not suffer, as he has on so many other levels already. My Father is and always has been a courageous man and his coping of this sudden news is inspiring.

I, on the other hand, am at war...........

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