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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Housework anyone??

Housework. Who on this planet would have thought that I NEED to do housework????? I have been itching to Jiff, or rather Cif, door architraves, stair strings and sanitaryware. To Flash the kitchen floor. To Dettol the kitchen bin. To Pledge wooden window cills. To Flash -surface -cleaner -with -bleach the kitchen worktops and cupboards. To, no....I can't go on......

Engaging in this foray last night about 8pm, I got completely lost in the determination and satisfaction of it all and realised one of my new flatmates had come in and was standing on the stairs.... staring open mouthed at me.

Well I knew Gita hadn't done any housework that week but I didn't think it would have been that much of a shock to see someone attempt to eradicate the limescale. I offered her a cup of tea, you know, as the British do in times of shock. (Hmmm, come to think about it I even had some sugar in the cupboard just for this type of eventuality) Gita shook her head and without uttering a word disappeared into her room. Funny girl I thought, maybe a bit shy or perhaps housework must never be undertaken at night in India, I dunno. I got back to the job at hand with a last burst of vim and vigour, made a cup of tea then went to sit in my room to watch a film. I walked past the full length mirror and glanced at my reflection, as I always feel compelled to do as I pass one. (Don't tell me you don't, I don't believe it)

I looked at my black trousers but didn't understand why they looked wrong, I glanced at my jumper. Shit...... NOOOOOOOOO...I dropped my mug of hot tea, which burnt my foot. Why did it burn my foot???



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